Meghan + Rich

October 26, 2016

Meghan and Rich are one of the most relaxed couples we’ve ever worked with. Rich and his groomsmen got ready at his parents’ house while Meghan and her girls spent the morning at The Westin in Lake Mary. For Meghan’s mom, emotions were riding high that day because her baby girl was finally getting married. All Meghan had to do was look at her mom and she would cry tears of joy, thank goodness for waterproof mascara!

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Their love story began years ago while Rich was at the Police Academy. Every day during lunch Rich and his buddies went to the local restaurant where Meghan worked and instantly these two were drawn towards each other. After endless conversations and flirty exchanges, Rich finally asked Meghan on a date which has led us to here. Their wedding was held at the beautiful Lake Mary Events Center in Lake Mary, FL. Meghan is an Ohio Buckeye fan and Rich is a Georgia Bulldog fan so it was easy to choose a red, black and white theme for their wedding.

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Red roses and white calla lilies filled her bouquet with a buckeye to top it off. Bling of course was an essential head to toe accessory for Meghan. Rich wore a black suit with a matching red tie and red rose boutonniere. The ceremony was held in the Rotunda, little décor is needed for this beautiful room surrounded by windows. The sound of cheering and applause roared as they made their first kiss as man and wife.

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At the reception, tables were adorned white linens and vases filled with red and white flowers with candles. The three-tier cake was traditional round and topped with an officer writing a ticket of love to a bride, so cute! Guests cheered and applauded as they made their way to the sweetheart table followed by many heartfelt toasts from their loved ones. The dance floor opened and it stayed packed all night as everyone celebrated for Meghan and Rich. One thing is for sure, these two have a long and happy road together.

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